February 12, 2019

Travelling Rajgir, Your Weekend Holiday Destination

Travelling Rajgir, Your Holiday Destination

Howrah To Rajgir Distance: 502km Via NH 19

Rajgir is a town situated in Nalanda region of the territory of Bihar. Truly meaning the 'place of the lord', Rajgir was the antiquated capital city of the Magadha Kings until the fifth century B.C when Ajatshatru moved the money to Pataliputra (presently Patna). Amid that period, Rajgir was called as Rajgirh, which mean the 'home of Royalty' The fanciful epic Mahabharata has called it Girivraja, additionally, it has likewise been referenced in Buddhist and Jain sacred writings with the distinctive Chinese Buddhist pilgrims, Faxian and Xuanzang have given the reference of Rajgir and many other nearby locations in their works.

Rajgir has been related with both the Buddhism and Jainism religions and furthermore with Lord Buddha and Mahavira. Resounding with the incredible noteworthy stories, Rajgir is currently a celebrated journey and traveler goals of Bihar. Because of its warm water lakes, Rajgir has now created as a wellbeing and winter resort. As per neighborhood conviction, the hot springs contain some therapeutic properties that assist in the fix of many skin sicknesses. The Ropeway is another attraction of Rajgir that drives tough to the Shanti Stupa and Monasteries worked by the aficionados of Lord Buddha. Additionally, regardless of whether you are religiously disapproved of individuals or a typical traveler, visit Rajgir and appreciate an excursion of a lifetime.

Travelling Rajgir, Your Weekend Holiday Destination

Travelling Rajgir, Your Weekend Holiday Destination

Travelling Rajgir, Your Weekend Holiday Destination

Place to See in Rajgir :

Griddhakuta (Vulture's Peak) : Griddhakuta is an old slope and depicted in Buddhist accepted messages as one of the places where Lord Buddha stayed when he was at Rajgir. Depicted both by Xuanzang and Faxian, Griddhakuta was distinguished in the later nineteenth century and now delegated by the Japanese manufactured Shanti Stupa and has a chairlift at the best. Griddhakuta has remained a noteworthy goal for travelers in both the antiquated and current periods.

Pipphali House or Cave: Papphali House is also an ancient place mentioned in the Pali Canon. It is regarded as the place where Maha Kassapa remained for a brief span when he was sick. Actually, Maha Kassapa stayed at the Pipphali Cave, but adjacent to this there was also a house with the same name.

Jain Temples: There are 26 Jain Temples on hill crest around Rajgir. Jain Jain Temple is situated at an intense landscape and it is exceptionally troublesome for the untrained to reach there. However, if you are experienced in trekking you will surely enjoy the trek to the temple.

Hot Springs: Hot Springs of Rajgir are very popular and they lie at the foot of the Vaibhave Hill. Separate bathing arrangements have been made for men and women and a staircase leads up to the various temples. The water of the springs comes from the Saptadhara through spouts, believe to find their source behind the Saptaparni Caves high in the hills. The Brahmakund spring is the most sweltering of the springs and has a temperature of around 45 degree Celsius.

Venuvana: Venuvana, a bamboo grove was given by Bimbisara to Lord Buddha, which was also the first Buddhist Monastery ever. The bamboo woods was given to Buddha with the goal that he and his priests could unwind here and give their messages to individuals.

Jivakarama: Jivakarama cloister was given to Buddha by Jivaka, the best doctor of Buddha's time.

Tapodarama: An antiquated religious community of the season of Lord Buddha, Tapodaram was situated on the site of the hot springs. Now a Hindu temple has been erected here, called the Laxmi Narayan Temple. During ancient times, the hot springs used to be the site of Tapodarama, a Buddhist cloister. Saptaparni Cave: Saptaparni Cave is where the main Buddhist Council was held under the direction of Maha Kassapa. Lord Buddha also stayed at this place sometimes and it was used accommodation for monks.

Jarasandha Ka Akhara: Jarasandha Ka Akhara is a vital spot identified with the extraordinary though underhanded warrior who used to rehearse hand to hand fighting here day by day. Their relentless attack on Mathura also caused Lord Krishna to migrate the people of Mathura to Dwarika.

How to Reach Rajgir:

Via Air: Nearest air terminal is situated in Patna (107 km), which has flights for real goals of India. Indian Airlines / Alliance Air and many other airlines operate the flight to and from Patna to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, and Lucknow. From the air terminal, private taxicabs are accessible to different parts of Patna.

Via Train: Rajgir is associated by rail with Patna which is the real railhead of Bihar. Patna railroad station is served by a vast number of express and superfast trains with all the imperative urban areas of India.

By Road: Good motor able streets associate Rajgir with imperative spots of the state and rest of the nation. From Patna, the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) organizes round trips to Rajgir. Cooled and Non-Air Conditioned vehicles, scaled down grand mentors and select mentors are likewise accessible. You can likewise employ autos or taxis from Patna to Rajgir for multi-day trip.

Train From Howrah to Rajgir:-
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19:30 PM

Hotel In RAJGIR:

1.        HOTEL VIJAY (VIJAY NIKETAN) (Price – 750/- to 1500/-)
           AddressBeside Ram Krishna Math Rajgir, hot Spring waterfall, Kund Road, Rajgir,                        Bihar 803116
    Web site: www.hotelvijayniketan.com
    Phone098356 20220

2.        Hotel Anand Lok (1000/- to 1500/-)
            Near Bus Stand, Rajgir Nalanda Bihar(India) 
     Phone:  +91- 8340540920 , +91- 7903856189,  +91- 7004016556,  +91- 9835426540
     Web Site: www.hotelanandlok.in

3.        Gargee Gautam Vihar Resort, Rajgir (2500-/- to onward)
           AddressBunglow No 1, Rajgir, Bihar 803116
     Web Site: www.gargeehotels.com
      Phone097714 86406

4.        Siddharth Hotel (2000/- to 3000/-)
     AddressRajgir, Opposite Old Japanese Temple, Near Hot Spring, Nalanda, Bihar 803116
     Web Site: www.siddharthrajgir.com
     Phone091990 17971

5.        Hotel Nalanda Regency
     AddressNalanda, Rajgir, Bihar 803116
     Web Site: hotelnalandaregency.com

     Phone070700 94800